Mobile Suit Gundam AGE Dubbed Episodes

Alternative Titles:
Kidou Senshi Gundam AGE
Gundam AGE
Related Anime:
Gundam (All series)
Genres: Action, Mecha, Sci-Fi
Episodes: 2 Episodes

Status: Ongoing
Airing Date: Oct 09, 2011

It has been a few hundred years since humans began to live on space colonies. In A.G. 101, an unknown enemy (UE) "GAFRAN" suddenly attacks one of the colonies "Angel". A long war against UE has begun.

In A.G 108, seven year old Flit Asuno lost his mother when UE attacked his colony "Ovan". His mother left him a memory unit "AGE" which had stored data of an ancient mobile suit Gundam. In A.G. 114, Flit completes the Gundam AGE and counterattacks against GAFRANs.

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