Super Dimension Century Orguss (Choujikuu Seiki Orguss) Episodes

Alternative Titles:
Cho Jiku Seiki Orguss
Super Dimension Century Orguss
Super Dimensional Century Orguss
Choujikuu Seiki Orguss
Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Mecha, Romance, Sci-Fi
Episodes: 41 Episodes

Status: Finished
Airing Date: Jul 03, 1983

In the year 2062, the world's two superpowers are fighting a long and brutal war. In a desperate attempt to win, pilot Kei Katsuragi is given the mission to detonate a super weapon called the Space/Time Oscillation Bomb. The bomb explodes but the results are completely unexpected: a multitude of dimensions, times, and realities are unleashed into the world. Can Kei reverse the effects and bring life back to normal?

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